Monday, 17 February 2014

A Snapshot of München

Munich, Hitler's springboard
Is now a bustling town
Street markets, votive churches
His mention gets a frown.

Instead the guide informs us
Of the City's Baroque past
Where Rococo burgeoned proudly
In rooms with panelled glass.

We were lucky with the weather
The promised rain was late
From Hunting Lodge to Opera
And mountains - on our plate!

Post war, rebuilding started
The medieval style was kept;
Its eighteenth century gables
Look as real as you can get.

No architect is fooled, of course
The tourists come in droves
They find this place gemütlich
Their enjoyment clearly shows.

These people think themselves apart
With Berlin they've no truck;
They'd like their city to become -
The Hauptstadt; no such luck!

(written in 2002)

(c) Poet in the woods 2014


  1. The capital moved back to Berlin from Bonn of course.

  2. I enjoyed your poem and recognised my "home town" - thank you! I am English but have lived in Munich for the last 15 years - my friend Jan Fergusson sent me the link to your poem. Do encourage her to come and pay us a visit while we are still here - I'm sure we could fit in a tour of Munich as well as enjoying the proximity of the ski slopes! With best wishes, Esther Peacock