Tuesday, 21 November 2017

In No Uncertain Terms!

Uncertainty rules all our lives
So really, it is no surprise
That challenges upset our day
Paths, rock-solid, fall away.

BREXIT talks are bad enough;
Now Merkel finds the going tough!
Mugabe clings on, won't resign;
For the «Good Old Days» we pine!

But if, like Auntie BBC
We take «The Long View», we can see
That upheavals are the stuff of life
In global terms, there's always strife.

Opposing factions can't agree;
Riots and strikes will always be
A constant in this media scrum
The reporter's job is never done!

«Give Peace a chance»*, John Lennon said
Before Mark Chapman shot him dead ...
We fight for freedom, human rights
How the Devil in discord, delights!

(c) Poet in the woods 2017

Robert Mugabe resigned 21.11.2017
Angela Merkel - German Chancellor
John Lennon shot on 8.12.1980 - New York
* First recorded in July 1969.

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