Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A propos de Black Friday

I gleaned a new phrase on the Net;
This 'shopping-frenzy' leads to debt
Consumerism gone too far
We're over-burdened as we are!

This «Buy two, get one free!»* is mad
The clutter mounts up – it is sad
While many have to pinch and scrape
Others overfill their plate!

Excessive packaging and hype
Fruit, bright-coloured, overripe
Supermarket ends-of-aisles
Stacked with deluxe goods in piles.

This strategy is tailor-made
So off-guard shoppers are waylaid
And fill their trolleys to the brim
Judgement altered on a whim!

It's up to us to take a stand!
'Black Fridays' have got out of hand
Imagine fifty shades of grey
If Christmas shoppers stayed away!

(c) Poet in the woods 2017

A spending-spree day - imported from the US!

24th November, 2017
*Now known as BOGOF!

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