Saturday, 7 January 2017

Thomas - at Three!

Time passes and wee Thomas grows
So fast, he often needs new clothes
Provided by his savvy Mum
With colour green his number one!

Keen to chat and learn new words
Repetition frequently occurs
Now knee-high, he gives orders pert
We take it in good part, alert -

To the marvellous progress that he makes
For sure this lad has what it takes
At three, his brain kicks into place -
Of Babe and Toddler – not a trace.

Our mini-man reveals his mettle
Surprised when Dad tells him to ‘settle’
New challenges, new food, new ways
It’s ‘full on’ at this learning stage.

The whole world and its treasures lie
Within his grasp, he’s keen to try;
Now looms a daunting task ahead
Potty training, which all parents dread.

An essential skill which must be taught
It’s hit or miss, so days are fraught
But worth the effort, Heaven knows;
Who wants to wander in wet clothes?

(c) Poet in the woods 2017

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