Monday, 2 January 2017

Beach Fireworks at Semaphore

New Year’s Eve on sandy beach
Funfair, fair stands within reach
Of easy parking care of friends
Mild breeze at sunset; the year ends …

With a ‘children’s’ fireworks show
So the jetty end is now 'no go'
We sit upon a low brick wall
10 minutes hold us all in thrall.

Whooshing sounds, a flash of light
Rainbow colours in the night
As families with tots in tow
Watch this pyrotechnic show.

Short-sleeved police in weaving crowd;
The midnight version will be loud
With rough elements from Elizabeth*
Fired up with beer upon their breath.

Wee Thomas rides the carousel
Intent, determined, he rides well
Next up a car ride – at the wheel
‘Formula 1’ for him is real.

A single incident of note:
Sprawled on the tarmac one drunk bloke
Handcuffed and soon whisked away;
A glimpse of life the Aussie way!

(c) Poet in the woods 2017

* Elizabeth is an industrial town in South Australia.

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