Friday, 24 June 2016

Post Mortem ...

The day dawns; Brits abroad awake
Banned from voting - hard to take
The masses on our little Isle
Went BREXIT- xenophobic-style!

Scots and North Ireland want to stay
Wales and England turn away
Though London's in the camp “Bremain”
No “Great” in Britain – now slow lane...

Screeds on social media sites:
“Gutted”, “Shocked” and “Loss of rights”
The pound slumps to an all-time low
P.M. Cameron, soon must go.

For the E.U. a new future starts
A wave of sovereign States and hearts?
The closer union we enjoyed
Has at a stroke now been destroyed.

Have Britons lost their common sense?
No more sitting on the fence
Obsessed with “faceless” Eurocrat
They've voted out – and that is that!

(c) Poet in the woods 2016

Referendum 23rd June, 2016


  1. amazing and yes im gutted, shocked, scared and all these crazy feelings.. maybe i should return to Scotland #indyref2 on the cards .. can i share this .. its amazing xx

  2. Well done Sarah. Once more your verses caprure our feelings. Thank you for sharing.