Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Europe's Longest Tunnel Opens!

What did I learn today on rising?
Man's achievements are surprising;
Hannibal found the Alps a trial
He crossed with elephants in style.

Clogged with ice and heavy snow
In winter, dangerous to know
Long a challenge to both Man and trade
In shrouded mists he felt afraid...

Of the Saint Gotthard pass I speak;
In summer - scenes of lofty peak
May well be worth the splendid views
And inspire a poet's muse...

But when the roof of Europe cools
And the traffic belches winter fuels
Europe and the Swiss prepare
To treat the Pass with utmost care.

Now a 17-year project is complete
A 35-mile tunnel buried deep
In the ancient Alps achieves its aim
Rail travel will never be the same!

A Herculean task in modern guise
An amazing, shared-Nation enterprise
The Gotthard Base Tunnel – GBT
Is a marvel of ingenuity!

Knocking 45 mins from journey time
Freight wagons freed from truckload grime
65 passenger trains each day
The efficient Swiss show us the way!

(c) Poet in the woods 2016

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