Friday, 18 March 2016

All Aboard for Tervuren!

From Auderghem a pathway lies
Beside the Parc de Woluwé
Its man-made straightness a surprise
Leopold II planned it that way.

Electricity was all the rage
When he planned his great endeavour
A train connection – narrow gauge
For his Exhibition – the best ever!

The Congo was his personal fief
He put its treasures on display
Creating villages on the heath
It was Tervuren's great heyday!

What better than a railway line
Electrified – as we have said?
The masses took it as a sign
That Belgium was one step ahead.

In the Belle Epoque the tracks were laid;
The Bruxellois came by the score
The railway did a roaring trade;
But that was then; it is no more...

Tracks ripped out - now walkway new
Joggers set the pace at last
But who stops to admire the view
Or imagines small trains whizzing past?

(c) Poet in the woods 2016

Note: Congo Exhibition - 1897

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