Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Adelaide - After the Thunderstorm!

Time presses – and the rains have come;
Some plants revive - though the harsh sun
Makes victims of much native green
Burnt to a crisp – a sorry scene...

It's quite amazing – barren branches
Shoot out tendrils – taking chances
To capture in this brief respite
Life-giving droplets of delight.

The winds make short work of leaf pools
The sun's rays dazzle them like jewels
Hordes of bugs resuscitated
Swarm merrily, their torpor sated.

The life force – strongest pulse - abounds
Ant armies, water-logged, are found
Hurtling over mulched back yard;
As survival can be very hard.

Australia – land of stark extremes
Escarpments built on miners' dreams
Flaunts high-tech and Internet
But grinds to a halt – when wet!

Sudden squalls – monsoon-like rains
Though rare - gush headlong, flooding drains
Bone dry roads turn into mires
Sharp contrast to those fierce bush fires!

(c) Poet in the woods 2016

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