Monday, 22 June 2015

The Curse of the White Van

It would appear to be a fact of life
Designed to cause the driver strife
That when a manoeuvre is at stake
A white van follows in your wake.

The van may threaten and loom large
But even small ones make the charge
In fact, their instinct to annoy
Surpasses that of naughty boy.

The driver glares ahead, white-lipped
As into reverse the gear is slipped
The rear view mirror tells him true
This is an unwise thing to do.

From nowhere speeds a bright white van
To hang on his tail, as no one can
Inbued with zeal beyond the norm
A vigilante force is born!

Vans work together, in a fleet
On mountain road or city street
There's no escape (I know, I've tried)
By looking carefully, as I drive -

For as I reach the ideal spot
To do a "U" turn, park, or stop
Some signal, which I cannot see
Goes off - and they are after me!

I'm determined not to lose my cool
Today I drive the kids to school
I make my turn, but stay serene
The van behind says "Go!" - it's green!

(c) Poet in the woods 2015

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