Saturday, 27 June 2015

Terror in Tunisia!

Shock! Horror! on Tunisian Beach
Lone marksman, lightly clad
His weapon hidden, within reach
Tourism now gone bad!

Innocents with pallid hue
Despite the summer rays
Lie out on sunbeds, as you do
Enjoying halcyon days.

Strong source of income here in Sousse
Hotels with pools await
Then comes a gunman - fast and loose
Many Britons meet their fate.

A mad rush from the strand ensues
Scattered tourists hide nearby
Horrific scenes for camera crews
The dead in scuffed-up sand now lie...

Once paradise, now real-life hell
Disruption, panic – exodus
What prompts this mindset? Who can tell ...
It's them today; tomorrow – us?

(c) Poet in the woods 2015

Terrorist attack: 26th June, 2015

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