Monday, 28 July 2014


It was the biggest liner ever seen
Harland & Wolff and Ismay's dream
Four-funnelled, opulent and broad;
Two thousand passengers came aboard.

Millionnaires and rank and file
Could dine each day in White Star style.
Its launch upon that April day
Under skies of iron grey

Presaged an experience new;
On this floating palace, a large crew,
Worked diligently around the clock
Responding to the rich man's knock.

This 5-day voyage to New York
People's imagination caught
Crowds flocked but not all made the grade
Though later they were glad they'd stayed!

On the 12th the starry sky was calm;
When the night watch cried out in alarm
«Iceberg ahead!» - it was too late
The Unsinkable had met its Fate!

Picture if you can the scene
As the bow begins to lean
Too few lifeboats on the waves;
Over a thousand ocean graves.

Titanic Edwardian splendour dies
This disaster opens people's eyes
The flower of hubris had to burst
From now on safety will come first.

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

The Titanic sunk in the Atlantic on 12th April 1912

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