Sunday, 27 April 2014

Love and Alzheimer's

Yes, I loved her very much
More than physical, her touch
Was more upon my heart and soul
It warmed me, made me whole.

A je ne sais quoi, plain as plain
This joy, I cannot explain
But that is how love is, you see
A special bond ‘twixt her and me.

Her twinkling eyes, her smiling face
Unspoken words that left a trace
In my memory long after
We had dined and shared our laughter.

Of course I knew her through and through
Behind closed doors just as you do
But words are quite inadequate
To convey my deeply married state.

Bathroom time could be a trial
“You’ve been in there quite a while!”
But no one’s perfect and our den
Became the kitchen – peace again.

Grey-haired now, her face is gaunt
Asleep, some missing teeth now haunt
My dreams of her at thirty-three
When childlike, she sat on my knee.

Something, somewhere has been lost,
Love’s bright springtime turned to frost
Conflicting feelings never cease
Rest my Joy, I wish you peace…

A commission, written in 2009
Note: World Alzheimer's Day 21st September

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

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  1. Your poems always hit the spot.