Sunday, 6 April 2014

Echoes of the Past

You find it* in a shy seclusion
Far away from prying eyes
Its romantic past is sure to please you
For it has a charming guise.

Admire the ceiling far above you
Completely flawless in design
This is perfection at its peak
No modern style is half so fine.

Behold it! Such a room of secrets
What stories could the mirror tell?
Alas! What passed within its walls
Has long since been forgotten well.

The red décor and grand chaise longue
The chandelier in shimmering glass
The polished chairs both firm and strong
By master craftsmen, made to last.

For all around these lustrous walls
See the gay attractive frieze
How many hands have written at this desk
Or rippled o'er these ivory piano keys?

Dark recesses hide huge china plates
Sad memories of a bygone age
Though not a speck of dust is seen
Time has turned another page.

Step back and gaze on all this beauty
Breathe of it and take your fill
For while the outside world is changing
Here at least has time stood still.

Written in 1965

* A friend's house in Edinburgh

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

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