Monday, 13 January 2014

Thoughts at Melbourne Airport

You can't stop progress - I checked in
A domestic flight - no code - no pin
Just my name and destination
And I can fly right round this nation.

Melbourne airport has a buzz
About everything it does
"The Age" gives news and gravitas
Read by the smarter set en masse.

It apprises me that once again
It is proud and happy to proclaim
That migrants swell its ranks non-stop
As a livable city - it comes top!

Domestic Terminal - relaxed crowd
Announcements shout from tannoy loud:
Newcastle, Brisbane, Adelaide
On each Gate - several flights displayed.

"Virgin Australia" in bright red
With purple scarves are go-ahead
Young and vibrant, full of smiles
They conduct us down the aircraft aisles.

The plane is small - 4 seats each row
Some stay empty - need is low
Adelaide where my folks hole up
Has no lure like the Melbourne Cup.

Though its Festival in Autumn time
Gives the place a chance to shine.
We taxi off in blazing sun
"City of Churches" - Here I come!

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

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