Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Queensland Caravan

A lifestyle choice, this Deluxe home
Complete with storage, fridge and loo
Has twin beds which vanish in the roof
And table top in fetching blue.

A bunch of keys and hefty clamp
Ensure its owner peace of mind
From insects and torrential damp
Out in the bush – it’s all streamlined.

The roof lifts up, a sink swings out
There’s a shower and a BBQ
Somewhere in the casing lies
A water tank hid out of view.

Huge panels in the base for gear
But wily ants have set up home
So instant action with a spray
Ensures they’ll leave us well alone.

Compact, this fibreglass design
Gleams in the sunlight – nearly new
Its chunky wheels in sunken mode
As storms have lately rumbled through.

The weather has been wild of late
Hailstorms are forecasted today
The need to move it now is great
It should be placed out of harm’s way.

Parked out in the front since May
Embedded in the softened ground
With the carport only feet away
It cannot be manoeuvred round.

We toiled ages in the sun
And tried a myriad towing tricks
The end result was still Square One
Frustrated – we ate fish and chips!

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

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