Tuesday, 15 October 2013

All at Sea!

The talk is all of emigration
From many a war-torn, troubled nation
Sound bites, harrowing explanation
Heart strings pulled taut;
Injustice, cruel dictators, drought
Fanaticism brings about
Great fear of all those who have clout;
Many are caught

In a vicious circle without end
Obliged their shrinking funds to spend
On a boat trip where they have to fend
For life itself;
Overcrowded, out of sight
Unscrupulously packed in tight
They hope their future will be bright;
Strong, young, good health.

Freedom exacts a heavy price
Afghans and Syrians roll the dice
Pray hard and maybe roll it twice
Before they board
But in the Med the swell is strong
The journey can be harsh and long
For many people their swan song
Death untoward.

Malta and Italy complain
These immigrants have put a strain
On their resources and would feign
Leave them alone
Yet the survivors from the wreck
Bewildered, shivering on the deck
Know they’ve a rope about their neck
If they go home...

(c) Poet in the woods 2013

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