Monday, 21 October 2013

A Walk by the Ponds

A sun-baked afternoon in May
Bees, birds and couples in the grass
Ripples cross the pond, ducks play
Cracking Mother Nature’s glass.

Through brand-new leaves a warm breeze stirs
Young love hand-in-hand goes by
Spring belongs to hims and hers
For singles – there is just blue sky.

Serene the swan in wedding white
Mallards splash and flap their wings
Hiding goslings from our sight
Such tiny, fluffy, helpless things.

It’s Sunday but the cars still come
Packed with families on the spree
Drowning birdsong with their hum
While lawns of daisies welcome me.

Once or twice a child in shorts
Runs down the path – the birds take flight
The peaceful scene becomes quite fraught
Until he’s safely out of sight.

Each bench is full – a single soul
May sit with book, or dog or cane
While others laugh, pass by or stroll
Brand new world without the rain!

(c) Poet in the woods 2013


  1. swan in wedding white is very good!

  2. Love it .. And yes I saw the 'blue sky' (sadly) lol ..