Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Snapshot of Hallett Cove

Dead kangaroo on roadside verge
No night-time lighting where roads merge
Rosellas, rainbow parakeets
Wide and empty suburb streets.

“Thirsty Camel” bottle shops
Autumn’s coming – change the clocks!
Winter fashions now on line
Yet fire ban still in force – big time!

Beaches empty down the coast
Erratic boulders - local boast
Hallett Cove and glacier Park
Chocolate rocks – striations stark.

Tough vegetation gnarled and bent
South Pole rollers tired and spent
Crash upon the pebbly shore
Where fishing boats are seen no more.

Along the coastline low-rise homes
Red earth yards - fence-free – no gnomes
All balconies and patio
This Lucky Country has no snow!

The lack of traffic is a plus
Most own cars; rare sight – a bus!
School kids wear hats against the glare
Water bottles everywhere!

Norfolk pines and palm trees sway
Picnic tables all the way
McLaren Vale known for its wines
Unending miles of tended vines.

Nature’s gift - warm sun, blue skies
Each time I come here I’m surprised
This slower pace means time to chat
It seems that Europe’s lost all that…

(c) Poet in the woods 2018

Hallett Cove chocolate rocks - South Australia

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