Friday, 15 December 2017

An Alternative Christmas

The talk is all of Christmas food
Indulgence in a festive mood
Meals with family members planned
Catch-up moments, all feuds banned.

Descent of Rellies from afar
Who bore you stiff and raid the bar
Bearing gifts without much thought
No wonder many are distraught...

This hype infests our very soul
Such stress is costly, takes its toll
On those days when we don't toil
Such tensions bring us to the boil!

This Christmas I am on my own
With family contact just by 'phone
Few gifts to buy, great books to read
So I can take things at my speed...

Forget long queues and frantic pace
A meal plus just one friendly face!
The poet smiles with inner glow
Time to chill out – way to go!

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