Tuesday, 5 September 2017

My Gift to You!

When young, there seemed so much to learn
New challenges at every turn
Skills and knowledge to acquire
Each year the bar placed that bit higher...

At first I pushed through every door
Great possibilities to explore ...
But then I found what grabbed me most
One special talent I could boast ...

We're all unique in our own way
The question is - what is our trait?
It's liberating when we find
Exactly how God wired our mind.

It happened many years ago
I cottoned onto words that flow;
At under ten, I toyed with rhyme
And scribbled poems at bedtime.

On Shakespeare's sonnets I would feast
So my treasury of words increased
Books my imagination fired
Images in words inspired.

The sounds of verbs give gentle clues
Patterns form - so I enthuse
It's like falling off a log
Hence the creation of my blog!*

You're such great Readers and so loyal
That my flattered Muse stays on the boil
As each day dawns – will lightning strike?
Who knows - not me - what I shall write!

(c) Poet in the woods 2017

* In September, 2013

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