Thursday, 6 July 2017


Why do I write? The question's tough
Thoughts crowd my mind – it's full of «stuff»
An Americanism I abhor
But apposite; what are words for?

The brain just buzzes, won't keep still;
Observations and emotions will
Spill out in swirls across the page
Ideas pace, like lions caged.

There's an inner urge that comes and goes
The blank screen fills up; Heaven knows
What I shall find to write today
It's quiet - friends on holiday...

G20 summit – Hamburg quakes
Trump's arrival ups the stakes
Riots, water-cannoned streets
And this before a single speech!

Farewell to France's Simone Veil
Aged 89, she blazed a trail
In post-war politics, a star
Who proved that women can go far!

As always, a mixed-bag of themes
Harsh reality and dreams
You see, I really can't explain
Poetic workings are arcane!

(c) Poet in the woods 2017

Simone Veil: died 30/6/2017
G20 summit: 7-8/7/2017 in Hamburg

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