Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Oakhouse at Axbridge

On age-old square - oak-timbered frame
View of hunting lodge with King John's name
Axbridge reveals its Saxon roots
And echoed to bold Norman boots.

The village has a pristine look
But is mentioned in the Domesday book!
View of the Mendips right outside;
Against the Vikings fortified.

In Alfred's time, a trading post
A market charter it can boast
Awarded back in 1202
Rich burghers had a guildhall too!

The Oakhouse, now a B & B
Row of houses under Edward III
Uneven floors and winding stair
Impressive fireplace – Priest's Hole rare.

In breakfast room – an alcove hides
An ancient well, our host confides
Historic feature, now bone dry
A sign of wealth in times gone by.

Up a flight of steps at topmost tread
Through an opening, purpose-lit, is spread
a mappa mundi drawn with care
But no one knows who put it there...

A sheaf of records, some transcribed
Sale deeds by medieval scribe
Whose spindly writing strains the eyes
How amazing that it all survives!

(c) Poet in the woods 2016


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