Monday, 14 December 2015

In Transit

Singapore – warm sultry night
Post 13 hours jammed up tight
With a host of unknowns in the air
Fed generously, served with flair

By graceful, gentle Singhalese;
It’s wonderful to unbend knees.
The tropics promise so much more
Nature tactile – in the raw.

With time to kill between two flights
It’s fun to put the world to rights
A chance encounter can astound:
A chat with Holly – Auckland-bound.

Corridor stroll to butterflies
Whose fragile wings delight our eyes
As they on pineapple alight
Or pause - like us two - in mid-flight!

Rushing waterfall behind
Whose murmur brings us peace of mind;
Outside - a pond with chubby koi
Bright orange, silver splashed with soy!

Time passes – we’re soon on our way
Another crowded plane – hurray!
Squeezed in like cattle; blonde young Finn
And Indian grandma with her kin.

The wriggling youngster won’t keep still
Though shades are down, his voice is shrill.
All bound for Sydney, daily run
Long distant travel to the sun!

(c) Poet in the woods 2015

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