Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Dedication of Thomas

I shouldn't have been at home today
In Brussels, under skies of grey
With spotting rain and windy gust
When Australia beckons as it must

Our distant clan to celebrate
Thomas' special «Naming» date.
Auntie felt a mite forlorn
For 60 years no child was born

So our small family has not grown;
Dad's parting left Mum all alone.
But God is good - a new life came
In Jan and took on dear Dad's name.

Carefully kept - an heirloom gown
Through generations handed down
Ornate, with lace, kept in a box
For years and yet the clock still tocks...

The long train needed grandma's skills
Deft with the iron she starched the frills
So Thomas seemed more girl than boy
But he took it manfully, with joy!

Finishing touch – Belgian bootees
Have Aussies seen ones just like these?
He behaved, I'm told, with quiet grace
In the Baptist church where it took place.

His parents beamed, as well they might
When the little lad received the Light
In spirit I was with them too;
Now Thomas – it is up to you!

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

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