Tuesday, 21 November 2017

An Exhibition at Château Karreveld

Though it has passed through many hands
This age-old castle-farm still stands
Ducks and swans its pond delight
Their presence picturesque on site.

Once 16 hectares, now quite small
Such joy it has survived at all!
Green haven in a troubled spot
The Press claim it has lost the plot

But Molenbeek-St-Jean is zen
Its cultural centre a real gem
In summer – theatre in the round
Where classical guitars resound.

Or exhibitions – like today
«Cartooning for Peace» on display
The setting – rustic hall, well lit
Where Geluck* and Kroll* unfurl their wit.

The themes are edgy: racial tensions
Fear of immigrants, dissensions
Same-sex marriage – source of strife
Which one of the two's the wife?

Global warming, air pollution
Faiths of all kinds in confusion...
Cartoonists bridge gaps in between
How things are – and how they seem ...

* Philippe Geluck and Pierre Kroll - well known cartoonists

(c) Poet in the woods 2017

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