Friday, 20 October 2017

At Place Schuman

What would dear Robert Schuman think?
Intrepid forger of the link
In a Europe ravished by the war
Of a Common Market – Open Door!

First six, then nine make up the Team
Squabbles break out on the scene
Compromises, tariffs, trade
Border checks, a new decade ...

On tiptoe, Britain comes on stream
But Thatcher's meddling is seen
As a thorn in Europe's doughty flesh
A referendum does the rest.

Now summit talks on BREXIT rage
How will history turn this page?
The Union shakes but is not stirred
A proviso cocktail is inferred...

From his vantage point against the sky
Schuman, stony-faced, stands by
Reduced to a statue in the Park
And metro stop in Brussels heart...

(c) Poet in the woods 2017

EU Summit on BREXIT: 19-22 October, 2017
EU Summit on BREXIT: 17-19 October, 2018

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