Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Erasmus - in Anderlecht

Born in Rotterdam, Geert by name
As Erasmus he would garner fame
Illegitimate - sad and lonely start
Orphaned young, plague paid a part.

He travelled early – no fixed home
Crowning achievement – Bible tome
To Charles V he counsel gave:
How should a Christian Prince behave?

He stayed five months in Anderlecht*
An idyll he did not forget
With Pieter Wijchmans, friend and priest
It inspired his work: “The Godly Feast”.

Friend of John Colet and Thomas More
He cautioned prudence – why wage war?
A Pacifist, with love of learning
Often to Ancient Greek texts turning.

The Age of printing served him well
His Proverbs, oft revised, would sell
All round Europe; his fame spread
His books, translated, keenly read.

By Kings and Emperors much admired
His thoughts on leadership – inspired!
Martin Luther era: Reformation:
His Praise of Folly dissertation.

True Humanist, well versed and wise
He has relevance to modern eyes
“Nulli concedo” was his creed
A man of substance – rare indeed!

* in 1521

(c) Poet in the woods 2015

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