Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Coffee Break

The café's nearly empty – awash with lonely chairs
Music tracks of long ago now echo in my ears
The barmaid chalks the 'plat du jour' upon a greasy board
An old man, wizened, wearing black, looks vacant, even bored.

The street outside is busy, people saunter past
I gaze out of the window – the sky is overcast.
Where are these people going, on a Monday at midday?
A group of teenage schoolgirls form a chattering display.

Sleek silver trams called “Boas”, snake across the square
A truck and trailer block the road – the motorists despair!
A light breeze turns the brand new leaves into a living screen
The trees outside the town hall show full fifty shades of green.

The music beckons once again fond memories from the past
I sip my coffee and I muse how time goes by too fast...

(c) Poet in the woods 2015

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