Thursday, 28 May 2015

The 1958 World Fair

Brussels, proud to play the host
Road tunnels and huge car parks made
Whirlybirds flew from the Coast
As Zaventem's opening was delayed.

Over 40 million came
To contemplate inventions new
Crowd management a daily strain
A frequent question: “Where's the loo?”

Splendid gardens, neatly tended
Chairlifts to admire the view
Bars and caf├ęs well attended
Balls and nightlife catered to.

Participant countries: forty-four
The Belgian Congo still intact
Against the backcloth of Cold War
US and Soviets back-to-back!

The advent of the credit card,
Holograms and Tupperware
King Baudouin, still unmarried, starred
As Vogue photographers were there...

Did you know some kids were born
and several died upon the site?
This Post-war Fair brought brighter dawn
With optimism at its height.

The Atomium was Belgium's gift
A quite surreal place to meet
It boasted the world's fastest lift
And took you up a hundred feet!

(c) Poet in the woods 2015

Opened: 17th April, 1958 6 months = over 41 million visitors!

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