Saturday, 25 April 2015

Vive le Bus!

In the name of progress, Brussels' STIB*
Invests in ever longer buses
And advertises bright and glib
Its solutions for the rush-hour masses.

The scene's familiar, streets jammed tight
By cars - all drivers on their own
While these long buses have to fight
To find a lane in which to roam.

Things get worse in pouring rain
When all commuters swear and cuss
Let the Metro take the strain
It's slick and smoother than the bus.

The stoic Brits with brollies wait
Until the big bus comes in sight
Queuing is their natural state
Soon aboard, they hold on tight.

These bendy buses curve and sway
Car drivers have to move aside
The bus indeed will gets its way
And we will have a lurching ride.

Though many read, play loud CDs
Or gossip on their mobile phone
There are some, like me, who are quite pleased
To be surrounded, not alone.

My mind in neutral, perched up high
I can close my eyes and dream
Safe in the knowledge that STIB's guy
Is coping with the constant stream -

Of traffic urging on ahead
Aiming straight for centre ville
Because he's driving in my stead
Which, in itself, is quite a thrill!

(c) Poet in the woods 2015

*STIB - the Brussels Public Transport System

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