Monday, 9 March 2015

Abbaye de la Cambre

It started back in 1201
When Brussels scarcely had begun
Its famous wool trade – no cloth hall
Just a scattered hamlet, farms withal.

Twelve noble ladies long ago
A convent formed where rivers flow
By a quiet settlement in a dell
Surrounded now by traffic hell.

That major road, Louise by name,
Gateway to the Wood, can claim
A 19th century pedigree;
Motorists pass and fail to see

Beyond the balustrades this site
With tall spired church and buildings white.
It remains to most a hidden gem
A pocket of history pro tem.

On Sundays, when the weather's fine,
What better place to pass the time
Than on this once most sacred spot
Down steep stone steps to garden plot!

The noble ladies are no more;
Instead small children can explore
The archways and the cobbled paths
While parents look on, wearing scarves...

In graceful grounds, landscaped and neat,
Where once resounded army feet
An art school called “La Cambre” resides
And Nat. Geo. Institute besides.

At every turn a vista new
This little marvel, hid from view
Has much about it to admire
Its tranquillity can still inspire!

(c) Poet in the woods 2015

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  1. If you are in Brussels, do visit this beautiful spot - you won't regret it!