Saturday, 20 September 2014

Car-free Sunday in Brussels

Sultry September – well, I never
No need for jackets – Godsend weather
A cloudburst might just cool the air
But it's so humid – I don't care!

The «braderies» are in full swing
Vintage clothes on long racks swing
There are books and dishes, children's toys
Food and drink tents, much loud noise.

By the Palace on the esplanade
A lawn appears, unrolled by yard
The sods, if you'll forgive the pun,
Soon lie there, taking in the sun.

A host of stands to serve cool beer
Soon line the streets; it is quite clear
The Authorities are condoning booze
So Car-Free Sunday is good news.

The STIB makes public transport free
But cyclists can a menace be!
For the sober-minded on this day
Many public sites are on display.

There are bands, parades and skate-board fiends
Jostling for road space so it seems
That the traffic is as bad as ever
Will this change habits? Will it ever!

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

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