Sunday, 18 May 2014

Vintage Fashion at Le Berger Hôtel!

Down a narrow street near busy shops
I made my way; a lorry stops
And offloads racks of vintage clothes
And high-heeled shoes that pinch your toes.

Kitsch jewellery, hats and floating scarves;
They don’t do fashion shows by halves!
Clothes racks and hat stands make their way
To this rabbit warren for display.

The venue has a shady past
In the thirties this hotel was classed
As a place to spend an hour or three
Behind closed doors – with bedroom key.

Fun couples wanting time alone
Could be discreet – there was no phone
Or reception clerk at check-in desk
To observe the movements of each guest!

5 floors: small rooms with double bed
Art deco features; carpets – red
No chairs or hanging space required
You didn’t come if you were tired!

A smart re-fit - mod cons in place
But still a shocking lack of space
The models strut their stuff with flair
Their catwalk the long winding stair.

Their audience lounges on white sheets
All doors are open – no one speaks
The atmosphere exudes mystique
As past and present turn and meet!

(c) Poet in the woods 2014

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