Saturday, 16 November 2013

St. Nicholas at the Supermarket

Huge crates in cellophane were packed
Inside were cardboard boxes stacked
So tight, like sardines in a tin
Curious as always, I looked in.

Several pallets in a row
Stood in line, and soon would show
Their tawdry wares to children’s gaze
For St. Nicholas, it’s early days.

He’s edible in many guises
As Speculoos* in different sizes
Swathed in crinkly coloured wrap
The unwary parent to entrap!

The 6th, his feast day in December
But we are only mid-November
Who knows now from whence he came?
Turkey has this claim to fame.

4th century bishop down in Myra
In Lycia (that’s Asia Minor)
Of Christendom a much loved saint
Revered in icons and oil paint.

He holds small children in affection
But others also claim protection:
Pawnbrokers, merchants, those at sea
Enjoy Nicholas’s bonhomie!

What would he think now of his role
Linked so closely to Noël
His reputation quite subsumed
Reduced to chocolate – and consumed?

*Belgian spice biscuit

(c) Poet in the woods 2013


  1. From Jones Hayden: Sarah, I really enjoyed your 'St. Nicholas at the Supermarket' poem. I especially like the last line -- a great kicker.

  2. Have the St. Nicholas goodies really only just arrived at your supermarket? My local Delhaize has had them in stock since well before Hallowe'en. They're onto Christmas stuff now!