Sunday, 10 November 2013

In Memoriam - Seychelles Cathedral

The Seychelles lost in Indian Sea
For centuries both proud and free
An island cluster which retains
Its heritage of Gallic names
Petit Paris and Pointe La Rue
Bel Ombre, Brillant and Anse Boileau.

There’s Baie St. Anne and Mont Fleuri
Grande Anse; Côte d’Or and Belonie
Big islands Praslin and Mahé
All these have sent troops far away
To fight in foreign destinations
In wars involving many nations.

In Egypt, Cyprus, Singapore,
France, Germany and Libyan shore,
Malaysia, Aden, Palestine
They put their precious lives on line.
Many wave their friends goodbye
On crowded dockside, girlfriends cry.
They left to fight and keep us free
But never returned to family.

Today we still recall their faces
Though they lie in foreign places.
Near Brussels: Sergeant Confait’s grave
To the RAF his life he gave
In Forty-One, with tight-knit crew
His plane, like many, fell from view.

Today those who are gathered here
Surrounded by their near and dear
Are those who made it home once more
After the guns had ceased to roar
Built new lives in hard earned peace
Married and brought forth increase.

But let us spare a thought for all
Who cannot be here and recall
Those whose lives were not the same,
War-widows, young men badly maimed
And those who paid the greatest price;
We honour here their sacrifice.

(c) Poet in the woods 2013

This poem was specially commissioned for the Veterans' Memorial Service held in Seychelles cathedral on 10th November, 2013 in the presence of the British High Commissioner and Lord Chief Justice and the Mass was broadcast live on Seychelles Radio ...


  1. Impressive Sarah. I am sure it brought tears to the eyes of those attending the Veteran's Memorial Service.

  2. excellent poem Sarah!