Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Royal Park - Brussels

I walked down past the Park today
The wind tried with my hat to play
Across the street in orange garb
Two policemen stood on guard.

And as I watched, they came alive
To let a politician drive
In black saloon out of the gate
On some dark mission for the State.

For the Senate building, white and stark
Dominates the Royal Park
I turned again and saw a truck;
Piled with gardener's tools and stuck -

Right in the middle of a path
While the driver and his staff
Were perched in an ungainly way
Clambering the espalier.

I can think of warmer sites to be
In Jan - than half-way up a tree!
With secateurs they prune each branch
So a line is formed as they advance.

It's all part of the constant care
Afforded Brussels every year.
For the men arrive the trees to trim
In preparation for the Spring.

So when the office workers come
In droves, to stroll out in the sun
This park, well tended, will look neat
What an attractive place to meet!

(c) Poet in the woods 2013

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