Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Jacques Brel - in Memoriam

News byte on Belgian radio
Half listening, was about to go
Into town but caught the flow
About Jacques Brel;
The singer greatly loved by those
Who admired his poignant, streetwise prose
He captured so well all of those
Whose life was hell.

A renegade, a young man who
Like James Dean, hated routine too,
He left the family, as you do
And went abroad
A troubled soul, his words struck home
He spoke for those cast out, alone
Disappointed love he’d known
It struck a chord.

His records soon began to sell
He expressed the “mal de vivre” so well
This, the quintessential Brel,
Brought loud applause
So sadder far than I can say
I learned that he had passed away
Thirty-five years ago today
Cancer - the cause...

8th April, 1929 - 9th October, 1978

(c) Poet in the woods 2013

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  1. My prolific Poetess, how I admire your works!!- - Sandy