Sunday, 8 September 2013

Glad Rags

The poor and needy claim my skills
I unpack clothes, a morning fills
With cast-off garments stuffed in sacks
Often suits from heart attacks.

Or posh and scarce-worn children’s shoes,
Assorted nightwear, who knows whose?
Jackets, Macs and anoraks
Knitted scarves and ladies’ hats

Or drawers of undies, frilled and plain,
(Though matching pairs are sought in vain).
If you want footwear, those back shelves
Are stacked with fives as well as twelves!

For those keen to accessorize
That rack has handbags, belts and ties.
Nighties, pinafores and long skirts
Jostle next to rows of shirts.

And down the far side, on the right
Are children’s garments grouped by height,
As labels marking size and age
Are lost or faded at this stage.

We’re winter now and nice warm coats
Soon walk out buttoned round new throats.
There are berets, skiwear, wellies, slippers
Tee-shirts, jeans and outsize knickers.

All tastes are catered for, it’s true
Sandals and swimwear, some near new,
Are neatly folded by the door.
Each week the van delivers more.

We’re a little group of volunteers
Some who’ve given time for years
Though I’m the new kid on the block
Our aim? To help those who “have not”.

(c) Poet in the woods 2013

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